Why Vote for Sohale Rahman?

I hope my biography and pledges have inspired you with a new confidence in what politics can really achieve. Read my 'Back Chat' pages for more information.

Some politicians try to impress us by listing various memberships of different organisations, the books they’ve written and the job experiences they have. What does that do for us? Sounds more like what it has done for them!

Other Politicians twist information to fit in with their Party Politics: ‘Save the Sterling!’ - But it's MPs and not MEPs who decide to join the Euro. ‘Get Britain out of Europe!’ - Again this decision is taken by MPs and not MEPs.

The fact is, we are in Europe and we must derive the best out of it and deliver the best into it. London has a unique cultural advantage over any other European city and can play the leading role in educating Europe in global politics and protecting Europe from the lure of its dark age history and xenophobia.

I have tried very hard to make meaningful changes at statutory level in Britain. However, the workings of statutory bodies inevitably grinds to a halt. But at community level anything becomes possible. For example my pilot 'Young Impressions' project, conducted at community level, was overwhelmingly successful, benefiting both parents and pupils. I thought the case had been made to deliver the project out to more schools. However, even the pilot school did not continue the project because, and I quote, “The RE teacher is on maternity leave.”

Rather than spend time complaining, why not fix it? That is why I am standing in the election. As an MEP I will have far more resources and information available to work with London communities and I will deliver the education and projects to promote anti-discrimination, cohesive communities and equality. I believe children are our future and if we want to buck a trend we must not lose sight of this.

The European Parliament has 20 specialist policy Committees and MEPs are required to be members of at least one. If elected there are three committees in which I would participate on your behalf

  1. Civil Liberties Justice and Home Affairs
  2. Foreign Affairs including Human Rights sub committee
  3. Culture & Education
I also intend to pass on what I learn as MEP in order to inspire you to enter the political arena and benefit our society.

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