Independent -v- Party Politics

Party Politics has trampled all over British democracy and the voices and opinions of the electorate have been pushed aside for personal political ambitions and greed.

Party Politics does have an important role to play in Britain but, when left unchecked, lends itself to various ills, which manifest a culture in conflict with democracy. As some would say, our democracy is all about selecting our 5-year dictator from a panel of pre-selected candidates.

The electorate’s opinion should always override the party line. Our politicians regularly desert us in order to improve their political career prospects within their party. If they go against the Party they are called ‘rebels’ or expelled from the party like Ken Livingstone or George Galloway, both of whom valued Londoners more than their Party.

Nelson Mandela spoke in Britain making the distinction between the British people and the Conservative Thatcher government of the time. He thanked the British people for their anti-apartheid efforts but specified such thanks were not due to the Tories.

The brutal massacre of hundreds of children in Gaza outraged all of us in Europe but barely got a sneeze from our politicians. How can children be slaughtered without any recourse to justice? Is this what we want to excuse?

We all saw John Prescott physically attacking an egg throwing protestor while the police took no action. Yet when we defend ourselves against an intruder in our home we find ourselves arrested.

Then there's the constant inter-party bickering, most recently apparent in Smeargate or on politicians’ websites only listing scandals of other Parties but not their own. There is a fundamental difference between us and our politicians. Our politicians project the establishment upon us when we want them to reflect us upon the establishment.

An Independent Candidate has unique benefits:

  1. Cannot betray you for the Party Line.
  2. Does not consume time and resources chasing personal career/power objectives. 
  3. Is not motivated by point scoring objectives simply to cause another party or politician embarrassment.
  4. Is not targeted to by-pass the democratic process in favour of large political donations.
  5. Has only the electorate as a friend.

There's already a British movement encouraging the growth of independent political candidates called the Jury Team. I am not part of this movement but many of the concerns they raise I seek to address. Click to see their videos 1 and 2


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