What Next?

3,248 votes - see analysis. Thank you to my supporters in London. But does that mean campaigning is over?


I have been overwhelmed by the grass root support I have received from the majority of people with whom I have spoken including community representatives. Young and old across creeds and races the same message of wanting to be understood and of course the unanimous condemnation of political expense sleaze.


So many people promoted my campaign, did the leg work and made announcements. People I did not know, people I have not met, young and elderly and friends and relatives. My words of appreciation cannot convey my thanks. I’ve felt the pulse of London and I’ve marched to its diverse rhythm.


I’ve met Somalis, Spanish, Pakistanis, English, Turkish, West Indians, Mauritians, Indians, Irish, Italians, Arabs, Africans and many more all sharing our British vision. If we had the resource and capacity to get the message out to all Londoners we would have won a seat.


Success with the elections. Regardless the outcome: keep up the good work!


I recently chucked away my voting card in "disgust" but now I may vote for you. Can I vote with out this card, producing some id?


I'm glad you're running for this election, you have given me a good reason to vote.


I will certainly be letting my friends know to vote for you.


All my family and Turkish friends supports you this election.” “Can you please tell as and we work next election more than what we do this election.


So, even though campaigning for the 2009 European Elections is over, our campaign has just begun. I did not win and the result was disappointing but I owe it to the passionate support of Londoners, who heard my call, to try and fulfil as many of my Pledges as possible. That is the task before me and I am confident that together we can effect a change and we will select numerous others from amongst us to stand independently with integrity representing Britons in the forthcoming General Election.


Whilst I thank Al-Jazeera, Islam Channel and Iqra TV for their coverage, the mainstream British media ignored the repeated appeals of independent candidates. I think it was in the public interest, at this time more than any other, to let the electorate know about all their choices. That would have best served our democracy.


The various organisations, that claim to support community but did little or nothing at all, will now have cause to reflect. Their defeatist attitude that one person cannot make a difference better reflected their own disengagement and disbelief in community rather than our dreams and aspirations. Consequently we have seen the BNP succeed and this is a stain on our nation. 

Its a shame that turnout was

Its a shame that turnout was poor but even more of a travesty that the system is biased against independents. We need fresh blood representing the British communities not the same old indistinguishable major parties or fascists in suits. But like you say, this is the beginning. May you be rewarded for your efforts. SalB

REPLY: It is the beginning but we need more people to stand up and be counted. Clearly, it's unlikely that we will be successful immediately but if this had started 20 years ago today might be a better Britain.

i voted for you

and i will vote again, and again, and again.... till you, we succeed!

the best did not win

It does not come as a surprise to see the BNP win a seat Considering that they lost votes from the previous elections, they might have one a seat, but deep inside they know they are just big losers. I feel sad for the people of London and UK: they are going to be misrepresented in the UK and now in Europe as well. Unfortunately the ones to blame are merely the thick idiots who stayed in the house and they did not cast their votes. I truly believe that if all people voted, the BNP would have been last and you for sure could have won a seat and perhaps even some other independent candidates. I hope you are not going to give up. I hope you will stand in the next elections, we will vote for you again!

REPLY: Don't be harsh on the majority electorate (67%) that did not vote. There is a requirement for education and unfortunately the status quo does not address this concern. Our goal is to stand in the general election and to deliver that education so that Bitish people control Britain. As ever your active support and participation is vital.

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