Don't Vote Liberal Democrats

It emerged at a Hustings I attended that the lead candidate for the Liberal Democrats in London, Sarah Ludford, was in fact pro-Israel.

Chris Le Breton, the fourth candidate on the Lib Dem's London list confirmed that Sarah's stance was out of step with the rest of the party and that she's had her knuckles rapped.

Unfortunately, Lib Dem knuckle rapping is no consolation to the thousands of Palestinians who have seen their families and children murdered by the Israeli regime over the years.

Most of Britain and Londoners are appalled at the inhumane actions of the Israeli regime on innocent Palestinian people. Yet these parties hide the pro-Israeli credentials of their candidates from the electorate. It's actually worse than the expense scandals - this is moral deception. 

So why are the Lib Dems (and the Conservatives) forcing us to elect pro-Israel candidates when we don't want them?

In effect, they are making themselves unelectable.



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