Hustings 28 May 2009

On the evening of 28 May I was fortunate to be invited to a Hustings alongside candidates from the Labour, Liberal Democrats, Green and Conservative parties.
Unfortunately, the Conservatives did not send a representative but Labour was represented by Mary Honeyball MEP, Lib Dems by Chris le Breton and Green by Shahra Ali.
Whilst all the other candidates were focused on climate change (an important issue, I know) I also raised the issue of the EU/Israel Trade Agreement, the racist French ban on Hijab and the failure of UK MEPs in representing Britain on Food Labelling.
Consequently, I, along with the audience, was able to make the following revelations:
  1. Mary Honeyball was hitherto unaware of the strength of British feeling against the brutal Israeli regime. Despite decades of demonstrations, petitions and even representations in the EU Parliament, Mary admitted, "I haven't done anything about it in the past but I am now beginning to understand just how strongly all of you feel about it." She promised that she "will go back and do something about it".
  2. The lead candidates representing Liberal Democrats (Sarah Ludford) and Conservatives (Charles Tannock) for London in the European Parliamentary Elections were pro-Israel.
  3. On Sarah Ludford's pro-Israel stance, Chris Le Breton confirmed, "Sarah Ludford is a Zionist, she's completely out of step with the rest of the party, completely out of step." "She's had her knuckles rapped, they've been rapped again." Chris later added that by Zionist he meant "pro-Israel".
  4. The Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties were now unelectable for the majority of Londoners, who are unable to excuse the child murdering antics of the brutal Israeli regime.
  5. The Green Party support a suspension of the Israel/EU Trade Agreement.
  6. I support a complete end to an EU/Israel Trade Agreement and an application of boycotts and sanctions until Israel end their brutality and justice is applied.
  7. Neither Labour nor Liberal Democrats agree with a boycott of Israel, despite its child murdering record, yet neither has called for Israel to end its boycott/blockade of Gaza.
  8. British MEPs failed to represent the interests of ten of millions of British people on the recent EU food labelling directive, which did not even consider Suitable for Vegetarian, Halaal or Kosher.
  9. Mary Honeyall finally accepted my allegation that the French ban on Hijab is racist.  She said "I think the French position is inherently racist." The French law cannot be justified under the pretence of banning religious symbols because the Hijab is NOT a religious symbol rather an item of clothing that has traditional roots in Spain, Italy and Greece too.
  10. Unfortunately, all British MEPs had tolerated the racist French law and failed to uphold British values and EU anti-racism legislation by challenging the racist French law in the European courts.
  11. Mary Honeyball confirmed that there is overt Islamophobic sentiment amongst MEPs. I challenged her to name and shame those MEPs in the public interest.
  12. All agreed that there is a link between Foreign Policy and Terrorism
  13. Mary Honeyball correctly acknowledged that "Israel has been the cause of some forms of terrorism." She also summised that "one of the causes of [domestic] terrorism" is "when racist policies are applied" and that "this government and previous governments have been responsible". 
  14. Chris Le Breton said, "I can understand that terrorism is a result of people trapped and imprisoned and denied the opportunity to self expression and for living their lives with their families, so eventually they're forced then to become strong campaigners and then terrorists." That just about sums up Gaza.
If I, as an independent candidate, had not been present, these revelations would not have surfaced. This is just a sample of how important and effective independent candidates are to ensure our politicians represent our interests rather than those of their political donors.


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