Don't Vote Labour

The one thing we all find most upsetting is betrayal.


I really thought Blair was genuine but then we found out that our demonstrations and protests were less effective than Bush’s charm!


None of us are really surprised to see expense scandals from Conservative MPs, quite frankly we’ve seen it all before. But to learn that expense scandals are endemic in the rank and file of the Labour Party is a real stab in the back.


How can it be, that this has been going on and not one single Labour MP or MEP has blown the whistle in over a decade?


The Derek Conway scandal in January 2008 must have sent shivers through the Commons. But instead of owning up and confessing, other politicians put on an Oscar winning performance by pretending to be outraged. Our MPs are a truly dastardly bunch.  


The current echo of apologies across the political spectrum is a result of its hollow nature. Having been exposed, MPs confirm recognition of the problem to which they were allegedly oblivious until now. At best they are so out of touch with us that they should all resign and at worst they are so cunning and deceptive that they should all be arrested and prosecuted.


Regardless of rules and permissions, there is a clear and unambiguous distinction between right and wrong. Our politicians obviously know right from wrong but they didn’t care when it involved personal profit motives. Britain has been betrayed and Britain must now do the right thing – VOTE THEM OUT!





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