MPs' Pay Back

David Cameron has finally taken my advice and applied a set of rules to govern expenses for his party members. I said as much on Islam Channel on 11 May and also in my article “Don’t Vote Conservative”.


Whilst I am not an advisor to the Conservative Party even though they may feel fit to apply my views to their policy, at least my policies are proved credible and I credit Cameron for taking this small step.


However, what Cameron, Brown, Clegg et al have avoided to tackle is that, by returning stolen property, it does not mean the thieves are reformed. Indeed, this is only happening because politicians have been exposed in the first place. Imagine if our Magistrates' Courts applied such a policy.


We still have to consider the underlying moral fibre of these politicians that reigned supreme over their conscience while making outrageous claims from the taxpayer over the past decade. Couple that with the fact that most of them are very wealthy in their own right and were not wanting in the first place. That cunning deceptiveness does not disappear overnight. Like they say, a leopard doesn’t change its spots.


If we found staff dipping into the cash register or housekeepers taking advantage of our trust, we would demand repayment and then sack them. Politicians are in the highest position of trust of this nation and I’m afraid all is not forgiven because they return stolen property, having first been exposed.


The proper way to deal with this is for all the corrupt politicians, as determined by us the electorate, to be sacked and prevented from taking a seat ever again. Their parties will have to field new candidates and the electorate should be able to vote upon that.


Instead, our representatives in Parliament believe that we want to sack the Speaker. Has anyone written to their MP to demand the removal of the Speaker?   ..... I thought not. Whilst we want MPs sacked they sack the Speaker. Even now they still fail to represent us.


There are the real and proper decisions that party leaders have to make and we are the ones to ensure they do it. In the forthcoming elections on 4 June, we don’t have to vote for any of them – we can vote for an independent candidate like me.





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