Don't Vote Conservative

The idea of a “safe seat” is one that sickens me. It’s a statement from a political party that no matter what they do wrong we the electorate will always vote for them, regardless.


Surely, we don’t just vote for a party regardless of who is the candidate and without accounting for the party’s track record? If a candidate cheats on expenses or has not represented us we should rightly vote them out. But voting out means voting in someone else. So what do we do?


Well the Tories think we’ll all vote for them by default, without their having to prove why they deserve our vote. Are we really as naïve as the Tories believe? Is British politics simply a see-saw between Labour and Conservative? The point is, just because Labour may have got it wrong that does not mean the Tories are any better.


The Tories may have the most expense fiddlers yet what they are doing about it appears to be too little too late. David Cameron himself has claimed over £80,000 of taxpayers' money to fund his country home. The corruption is endemic amongst politicians and the only true solution is a new breed.


Let's base our voting decisions on the quality of the candidates, how they regularly consult us and make themselves accessible to us. Do they put their money where their mouth is or do they do nothing at all? Our critical voting promotes competition in politics and we have to make the politicians fight really hard to keep our support, not just at election time but throughout the political term.


Take a look at other candidates and you might find a better connection with someone else. Of course, I’m asking for your vote too but I want you to make that decision astutely.


So don’t let anyone take our vote for granted because our vote can change Britain.





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