My Pledge

I offer you a Pledge rather than a manifesto. My Pledge is my promise to you, whereas a manifesto is only a proposal of policies. Compare my pledges below with the manifestos of other candidates.

Financial Transparency – I will display every item of my expenses, so you see exactly what my accountant will see and so you can raise issues about any item you want.

Active Transparency – I want you to know what I am doing, what meetings I attend and what agenda items I am addressing so you participate in my efforts on your behalf. You can raise issues that I may have overlooked or misunderstood. Your involvement will assist me to represent your concerns in the best possible manner.

Accessible – I will make it easy for you to contact me without going through a secretarial firewall. I will personally answer and return as many phone calls as possible. There’s no point my saying I want to hear your views and then pretend I am too important to speak with you. Try it now.

No Political Donations – I won’t sell your vote for a political donation. An MEP receives a salary and an expense budget to do a job. I fail to see the need for political donations. Education – I want to inform Londoners of our democratic system and justice framework in order to develop stronger cohesive communities. If our views and concerns can be voiced more effectively we can apply better solutions rather than feeling excluded and powerless.

Giving Back – I pledge to give a minimum of €15,000 of my MEP salary to fund my education pledge. Charity is our traditional British value and if one represents Britain then one should be charitable too.

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