Don't Vote BNP

Yesterday I joined in with local people to combat BNP activity that was held amidst a public St. George’s Day celebration. I also could not resist the opportunity to visit the BNP stall and ask them about their policies.

The BNP say they are non racist and simply want to protect our culture, jobs and tax revenue from foreigners – at least, that is what I understood from them.

As soon as I arrived on their stall, which was on the public footpath, I was met with hostility and the threat of calling the police. All I asked is if they could tell me more about their policies. I wonder if the hostile reaction had more to do with my ethnic appearance than my question. One of their canvassers did quickly intervene and was prepared to address me in a polite fashion.

I asked why the BNP referred to me as a ‘racial foreigner’. They said it was an unfortunate reply by Nick Griffin given under pressure of a live interview. However, they refused to accept I was British and conceded that their definition of British meant white Northern European. Sorry white Italians, white Spanish, white Portuguese and white people from southern France, you’re ‘racial foreigners’ too.

They said there's not enough room for foreigners in Britain and white ethnic British were suffering from over stressed services that had been made worse by the influx of eastern Europeans. Unfortunately, even white North Eastern Europeans were excluded from the BNP club. I asked if all white ethnic British were repatriated to Britain from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, East Africa, West Indies and Gibraltar would solve the space shortage.

I asked how they would ‘repatriate’ me to India if I wanted to avail myself of their voluntary repatriation scheme. I had to explain that India would need to be consulted too as I have no VISA nor automatic right of entry. Apparently, they had not conducted any consultation with other countries on repatriation and thus their ‘repatriation’ policy is finished before it starts.

They complained that foreigners impose their culture on white British people. I asked them which foreign culture it was that imposed binge drinking, teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, nudity and pornography. I explained that in English culture women would wear a scarf (aka ‘square’) on their heads before going out and would wear a hat when in town. This practice is still respected by the Queen.

I questioned why they were aggrieved with foreigners undertaking work in Britain when British people undertake highly paid work in the Middle East and elsewhere. The truth of the matter is that British employers hire foreign labour presumably because of an insufficient stock of suitable home grown labour.

I explained that they were perceived as racist by most of Britain. Their Deputy leader attended a meeting of European racist parties in which delegates were greeted by Nazi salutes. Such gestures are offensive to the British public and there was no condemnation on the BNP website.

Apparently, Black and Asians support their party too - stranger things have happened!


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