Over 80% Voted in South African Elections

It is estimated that more than 80% turned out to vote in South Africa yesterday. If they can do it why can’t we? In most elections we seem to maintain only about a 30% - 40% turnout, ensuring that our politicians are representative of a very small minority of the electorate. 

Some say, because of all the pain and suffering of the Apartheid past, South Africans value the right to choice. Does that mean the British electorate need a dose of pain and suffering? Or should I say ANOTHER dose of pain and suffering?

We in Britain have already suffered tremendously, with cottage labour, peasant farming, poor houses, coal mining, chimney sweeps etc. We have suffered and we managed to acquire the electoral franchise from the clenches of the landed gentry and aristocracy. But the real distinction is that the South African electorate still remember the suffering, they bear the scars and the memories of loved ones. Whereas we look back through frosted glass, our history detached from our current existence.

However, the recent election of Barak Obama should spur us on. I’m not impressed that Barak Obama became president rather the US electorate, in particular African Americans, exercised their voting power and brought about fundamental change, especially after the disgrace surrounding Hurricane Katrina.

If we want change for Britain and we’re unhappy with greedy politicians, then we need to make the effort and exercise our voting power and vote them out.


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