The BNP defines "Racial Foreigners"

The BNP deny the existence of non-white Britons but maybe if they pulled their head out of the sand for a minute they would see them everywhere – Lewis HamilDaley Thompson - Not British say BNPton, Ashley Cole, Amir Khan, Daley Thompson, Frank Bruno, Linford Christie and me!

I don’t know whether to laugh at such an absurd statement or cry at the thought that some of the British electorate may find this thought provoking. So let me burst this zit.

According to Nick Griffin, I’m a “racial foreigner”, as opposed to any other foreigners, who, I suppose, are non-racial foreigners? No, what Nick actually means is that my race is foreign to Britain and therefore I cannot be British.

Therefore "racial foreigner" also refers to 'white' Zimbabweans, 'white' Australians, 'white' South Africans and 'white' Americans. Nick, your friends in the KKK will NOT be happy.

But being British is not a racial trait, Nick. Britain was originally formed as a nation with an amalgamation of races being English, Scottish & Welsh. So being British is a nationality trait as distinct from a racial trait. Thus whilst Linford Christie, Amir Khan and I are not English, Scottish or Welsh, we are British - a collective of different races making up one nation. In other words, English does not mean British.

Nick, you alluded to this distinction when you gave the example that an Englishman (as opposed to a Briton) living in Hong Kong is not Chinese. An English “racial foreigner” born and bred in Hong Kong is still English by race but may have Chinese nationality. In fact, this distinction is even in your party name! – British National Party as opposed to British Racial Party.

I guess you used the wrong acronym for your party. Maybe you actually meant ERP (English Racial Party) or maybe the ESWRP (English/Scottish/Welsh Racial Party) or even CP (Clueless Party). Nick, either you’re stupid or you think your voters are stupid? I’ll bet on both.

Nick, your obsession with racial dominance within a nation reminds me of someone else .... oh yes, Hitler. And the real "bloodless genocide" is found in your proposal to repatriate "racial foreigners".

Thankfully, the British public do not agree with you and would rather tens of thousands of foreign Gurkhas be patriated in Britain. I guess the Gurkhas won't be voting for you either. 

Anyway, I’ve probably confused you Nick and that’s my fault for using some long words. You can put your head back in the sand now.


Racial Foreigners ...

Sohale, your challenge to the BNP position is absolutely correct. Sadly, we have yet to achieve a truly integrated society in the UK and your work in seeking to promote understanding between communities is a shining example to others and a positive reflection of who you are and what you stand for. You deserve to be voted in by the electorate at the forthcoming election, as I know that you are a truly passionate individual and that you will seek to represent the very best interests of all men, women and children from all communities for the common good. I am concerned that poor and weak governance presently existing in the guise of New Labour has the potential to play into the hands of the BNP. Disaffected voters may feel a need to protest in some way and channel their energies towards a very negative and dangerous vote, perhaps in the mistaken belief that the creation of a 'Little Britain' will in some way protect them from the evils that surround us all. Such a vote would be an absolute waste and totally misplaced. As an Englishman of white origin with a Christian upbringing and family roots dating back over many generations in the UK, I believe that your assertions are absolutely correct and that the positive attitude and direction you seek to move towards is not only right, but that which this nation needs most of all if we are to achieve the very best for Britain. I wish you every success at the forthcoming elections. Gordon (Langley, Berkshire).

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