G20 Policing

I have worked with various police forces, I have friends as serving police officers and my family, friends and I have been at the end of good and poor police service.

One simply cannot deride the entire police force because of the actions of a few. That would be stereotyping and akin to an 'ism'. The very officers breaching the rules today may also have been heroes yesterday.

But why does it take private videos and the media to call foul when the foul took place in front of other police officers? I find the issue of turning a blind eye quite questionnable. We all saw this in an undercover Dispatches programme too.

There is no point in the police asking the Afro Carribean community and the Muslim community to remain vigilant when they cannot even police themselves. Whilst the police would say such action would undermine morale and trust (communities say the same), they have to recognise that in taking this chioce they lose our trust. In a sense, the Police must set the example - they are the paid professionals.

However, when all is said and done, if I'm in trouble, I'll still be calling the police and most of the time in such one to one situations matters have proceeded most amicably.


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