Human or inhuman? That is the question.

Charles Tannock, Conservative MEP for London, sits on the European Parliament's committee for Human Rights yet at the same time is a member of Friends of Israel! Baroness Sarah Ludford, Lib Dem MEP for London is also a friend of Israel.

Was Charles' and Sarah's comparative silence on the recent murder of hundreds of Palestinian children because the murderer was their friend Israel? Whilst the overwhelming majority of MEPs and European citizens deplored the barbaric Israeli massacres, it appears Charles' main reason for being on the Human Rights Committee is to protect his friend from criticism.

A Euro Poll confirmed Israel as being the main threat to world peace. Why, therefore, is Charles so distant from the democratic view? If Charles felt no remorse for the murder of hundreds of Palestinian children then would it be fair to suggest he felt even less troubled by the sad passing of his party leader's son from natural causes?

The issue of Palestine is close to the hearts of most Europeans and most deplore the savage, inhuman acts committed against Palestinians by the state of Israel. We cannot have our politicians undemocratically supporting such injustice against our will.

Why does Israel have the right to punish Palestinians for Europe's Nazi Holocaust? As Europeans, we have a moral obligation to prevent the further suffering of innocent Palestinians and we must unify politically in actions of boycotts and sanctions against Israel until justice is delivered. 


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