Who's Your MEP?

First of all, you don’t have one MEP you have several, representing various UK political parties. The UK is currently split into 12 electoral regions, which share a total of 78 seats (England 59, Scotland 6, Wales 4, N. Ireland 3). Click here to see the results since 1979.

In this June 2009 election the number of European Parliamentary seats allocated to the UK will fall to 72 seats and, consequently, London will have 8 seats rather than 9. That means at least one London MEP will be out of a job! Discover your current crop of London MEPs and ask yourself, “Have I ever heard of them before?” and “What have they done for me or my community?”

Why not telephone your MEPs and ask some questions, that is, if you actually get through to them at all. You might want to ask them questions like:

  • Why we never heard of them before and how they propose to rectify this?
  • How have they represented us without ever consulting us?
  • How they propose to consult us on European issues in the future?
  • What they do to educate Londoners about the European Parliament?
  • Have they claimed expenses for employing family and relatives?
  • Can they provide a list of their expenses in the last five years?
  • How much of their personal income they use for the benefit of Londoners?

From 7 May 2009 you can also find out about your prospective European Parliamentary candidates here.

Click here to get a summary of what you should expect from your MEP and contrast it with what you have actually received in the last 30 years.


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