Become a Politician

If you are interested in being a Politician whether it's an MEP, MP or Local Councillor, do not be afraid to stand in an election.

Britain desperately needs decent politicians with the Britain's interest at heart rather than power and money. You do not need any special academic or professional qualifications to be a politician. All you need are the votes of your constituents so that is your biggest challenge to get yourself known.

In the first instance, make your enquiry to the Electoral Commission. They will probably direct you the Elections Office of your local council and advise you to speak to a Local Returning Officer (LRO) or Regional Returning Officer (RRO). A Returning Officer is someone responsible for running an election, which includes dealing with prospective candidates.

The most important documents you will need are the Rules and any published guidance relating to standing as a candidate and the financial expenditure of your campaign. The Rules also specify the eligibility criteria so make sure you qualify first. Click here to find out about the current rules.

You will also want to know exactly what you are required to do in the position for which you wish to stand. So make sure you acquire this information too.

If you want to stand as an Independent Candidate but need support you might find some useful information from the Jury Team. This organisation acts as a virtual party to assist independent candidates in the political process.

Finally, do not let the prospect of losing turn you off, instead let your passion for change spur you on. Many successful politicians have lost elections and this acts as a learning tool. Even Barak Obama lost elections but his perseverance got him there in the end.


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