Can MEPs pull Britain out of Europe?

Out of EU or out of war & NATO?

I rather would see Britain leave out of Afghanistan and NATO all together.... and I wouldn't mind who had the power to do that!

REPLY - In fact, one of the main reasons for developing the EU common market was to prevent European nations warring with each other, such as WW1 and WW2. It's no surprise that you find intollerant, extremist, nationalist and racist parties against the EU.

EU & Militarization of the civil society

Yes, I know about BeNeLux and the predecessor of the EEU/EU, the "Union of Coal and Steel". All the organizations we mention here and to that regard neither NATO has stopped 'certain forces' to even military divide Cyprus a country where diversity was part of a shared culture. 1./ Do you think Britain should return control over their military bases in Cyprus to a democratic local government of fase EU sanctions? (In fact Britain considers these bases as its own territory, not as part of Cyprus). 2./ What is your vision on setting up a EU-Army or go further with setting up EU-Rapid Employment Forces? IH

REPLY: Britain's involvement in Cyprus should be judged by the people of Cyprus just as the people of Britain should determine the extent of US bases in the UK. As for an EU Army, you have not confirmed if this exists in addition to or in place of national armies. If it exists in addition to national armies then it's no different from NATO (excluding US). If the latter, I would put the question to my constituents but I personally would oppose Britian giving up control of its army to the EU.

Extending the "Your Opinion" discussion board: Questions

Good reply. Diplomatic too ;-) For the sake of peace it's maybe best any army around is too efficient.... There are 4 items in "Your Opinion". We assume you have made that selection. This limits visitors of your site, potential voters, to bring up new issues in public. Of course an online forum where you've to reply to all sorts of questions would keep you busy to an extend it becomes a job on its own. Still, I like to mention a couple of items that are on my mind. 1./ Once elected will you join an existing party? 2./ How many independently elected candidates are there in the EU-parlement? Is it feasible? 3./ How will you be able to interact with your voters and at the same time get anything else done? (This is more a warning as a question). Has policy making more to do with competence and authoriy as with ever seeking consultation of constituents? 4./ Europe is united but the management of EU-airspace is rather patchy. What is your vision on General Aviation (small sports/business planes) as a means of transport within the EU? 5./ What are you going to do about the fact that EU citizens have to wait 10 years before they can apply for British citizenship while none EU residents can apply in 5 or less years? 6./ Why can EU citizens, resident in the UK, not get a National Insurance Number when they settle here as pensioners? As a EU Parlement member will your priority be on British interests or on the interests of those who voted for you regardless their citizenship? 7./ Should it not be in the interest if the UK would join the Euro and the Schengen Treaty? 8./ How will according to you the future relation beween the EU Parliament and the European Commission evolve? Should the true legislative power not be with the EU Parliament in stead as it is now with the European Commission? We awaited your previous replies and have sent in our ballot papers now. You're a couple of votes closer to a suite in Brussels and an a villa in Strasbourg. We truly don't mind those who work for the better to have a roof above their heads :-) IH

REPLY: The "Your Opinion" section on my website was a selected poll but was not intended to limit your points of discussion. Please fogive my poor website building skills but I had to learn fast.

I will not join any political party. I'm a pure independent.

Click here to find out about Europe's MEPs. From my knowledge the only independents are those who left a political party during their term.

As for getting anything done ... are you serious? That's the most simple task of all. Currently UKIP are asking for your vote with the promise of doing nothing and in general, you have MEPs, who have claimed millions, and no one knows anything about them or that they even exist. You might want to visit Open Europe for more information.  Consultation is only difficult for those people who are so detached from society and have no experience in consulting. It is from experience of consultation that one derives the skill in policy making - else the policies would be irrelevant, unpopular and a waste of time ... deja vu.

In general, I will stick to my Pledge, if elected. Adverse discrimination is something I find abhorrent in all forms. I intend to represent the interests of Londoners, which is a diverse community. And yes the legislative power should be brought to the European Parliament being the only democratically elected body of the EU. 

You are always welcome to call me. Sohale

UKIP - they hate europe but

UKIP - they hate europe but love the salary n expenses. wot has british politics come 2?!!?

UKIP reckon their voters want

UKIP reckon their voters want them to do nothing in europe.

I know. Strange but true.

I know. Strange but true.

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